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Syspro & Magento 2

Adobe Commerce (Magento) to Syspro ERP integration

At Room40 Integrations, we utilise Adobe Commerce approved technologies and the Syspro API to create a powerful, reliable and seamless integration platform between the two systems. Our robust solutions and uncomplicated approach make it easy for you to focus on growing your business.

Simple Implementation

Simple Implementation

Adobe Commerce & Syspro ensure a robust and uncomplicated platform.
For an established Syspro site, the average installation time is just 5-7 days.
Read our Case Studies to see how we have supported our customers to successfully integrate their ERP and e-commerce platforms.

Simple Implementation

Reliable Technology

With minimal day-to-day input or maintenance required, our modules have been supporting customers since 2014, and are designed for full control over custom integration options.

Simple Implementation

Experienced Support

Our team of skilled developers are specifically trained in the delivery and management of Adobe Commerce and Syspro integrations.

With decades of combined experience, our team are well-versed across B2B and B2C environments, with dedicated support provided across development, delivery and support.

Helping you find the right integrated platform solution for your business.

Cost effective, Magento is a proven platform which allows businesses full control over their consumer facing website and e-commerce platforms.

Room 40 provides solutions for Community (Open Source), Cloud, and Enterprise Editions of Adobe Commerce.


Adobe Commerce to Syspro Integration That Works

Syspro Module

Our core integration module manages the connection between the Syspro ERP and Adobe Commerce platforms via the Syspro REST API. This module controls all the configuration and communication between the two platforms.

Sales Orders

The sales order module integrates orders from Adobe Commerce to Syspro, ensuring they are accurately captured into your ERP, designated a sales order number and a confirmation is communicated to your customer and your team.


Product information is imported from Syspro into a default category in Adobe Commerce.
You then have the ability, using Adobe Commerce, to filter and control how your customers find the products they need.


Ensures basic product pricing, stock levels, and inventory information are updated in Adobe Commrece.
Additional custom attributes in Syspro can be mapped to custom attributes in Adobe Commerce giving you the ability to filter, sort and search your products for more complicated applications.


Integrates customers and addresses with options to control both directions, ensuring your customer records remain up-to-date. The module handles conflicts automatically and is configurable to be one-way if required.
Sophisticated customer management can give your site the ability to handle both B2B and B2C traffic. Company-level integration is provided for in the Enterprise Edition and Cloud installations

Customer Accounts

Provides visibility of your Syspro orders, invoices, dispatch notes and un-dispatched items within the customer account section in Adobe Commerce.

Media Management

Integrates base and additional images, along with additional media like PDF's or product documentation.

Exception Management

Exception handling is built into each module, with detailed email communication to your relevant departments should it be necessary.


Provides for Syspro contract and trade promotion pricing calculated and applied in Adobe Commerce. The module ensures an accurate display of pricing on the product, search and cart checkouts. In addition, it provides conflicting pricing reports from Syspro.

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